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BlockchainMaker has provided innovative solutions to clientele across the furthest ends of business and scale spectrum. Our expertise in blockchain development enables us to provide custom blockchain based solutions for applications in various industries. Decentralize and automate processes and save operational costs with strategically designed ICO, Smart contract, smart wallets, Hyperledger and other blockchain based solutions. Explore a world of possibilities with our services designed to give you the platform you need to succeed.

BlockchainMaker has the privilege to have successfully completed 30+ end to end ICOs with different combinations of tech stacks (Like using the ERC20 token or own Blockchain and Minable coins) and ICO Marketing. We are expanding our offerings into STOs and creating security tokens in own blockchain and a centralized exchange which can support utility coins and security tokens.

In this journey so far, we have learned a lot of lessons and we are continually evolving ourselves into becoming a force to reckon.

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Our Services

Intricate and reliable solutions in blockchain technology from our proficient experts for a wide range of applications.


Blockchain Development

Implement blockchain technology to maximum advantage with custom solutions to fit your requirement.


ICO Development

Superlative services in complete and reliable ICO solutions for a successful cryptocurrency venture.


Cryptocurrency Development

Reliable advice from our competent experts to help you achieve the best from our wide range of services.


Blockchain Consulting

Reliable advice from our competent experts to help you achieve the best from our wide range of services.


ICO Marketing

Strategic ICO marketing campaigns with a powerful combination of online & offline promotion to attract investors.


Wallet Development

Secure cryptocurrency transactions and store it with Universal Wallet. Highly immune to both hard and soft fork.


Cryptocurrency Exchange

White-labeled, highly secured, controlled, centralized and decentralized exchange with the fastest matching engine.


Security Token Offering

Tokenize your securities such as debt, bonds thereby liquidating the long-term assets for short-term financing.

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Asset Tokenization

Assets such as Art, Real Estate, Gold bars are highly illiquid and legally compliant tokenization of real-world assets can help you raise funds.


Equity Token Offering

Dilute your equity into legally compliant tokens such that each share is represented by a digitized asset and raise funds.


Security Token Exchange

Create your own Security Token Exchange or Broker-Dealer Platform for the trade of security, equity and asset tokens.


STO Marketing

Brand your Token within the legal boundaries for solicitation of investment opportunities for accredited and unaccredited investors.

Why Choose Us?

Blockchain App Factory is a technological giant in the making and is continuously evolving by learning from our previous experiences. We propel ahead with our learnings and transform into a technological giant.

Technical Prowess

Our team of blockchain enthusiasts have worked with 30+ projects in cryptocurrency and blockchain development projects.


Proven Marketing Team

Our marketing team has experience in leading variety of ICO projects from healthcare to human resources to deliver a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team is a cross-functional team with 30+ combined experience in the nascent technology business.

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